REV® Reporting

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Average Database Diagnostic Report

REV® Reporting

The Results Evaluation and Verification (REV®) reporting is provided after the end of each automotive marketing promotion, allowing everyone involved in the service department marketing strategy to measure results of a campaign. We study the success of a promotion, prepare for your next promotion, and evaluate areas that need improvement or have strong potential to make your automotive marketing strategy even stronger.


After your promotion, Traffic Builders dials back into your system and matches customers in the mailing list to customers who came in during the promotion. The following reports are available to evaluate your automotive marketing promotion:

  • › Promotion-by-promotion analysis
  • › Direct mail and repair order (RO) summary
  • › Results by data category
  • › Returning customers by previous last service date
  • › Returning customers by vehicle model and year
  • › New customers gained
  • › Benchmarking against other dealerships
  • › Historical performance
  • › Customer retention growth reports

NEW! Trending Reports

Here are some of the insights that you can gain from these new reports:

  • Repair Order Amounts
    This report shows a two year running total of both Customer RO and Warranty RO amounts. In a glance a Service Manager can identify seasonality and any other spikes and valleys.
  • Monthly Repair Orders
    The Monthly Repair Order Repot shows total Non-Warranty Repair Order amounts in a rolling 13 month report format. This report isolates the customer pay from the warranty pay.
  • Last Service by Database Snapshot
    This report defines the frequency of customer visits in 3 month intervals as well as showing individual percentage increases month to month.
  • Customer Frequency by Database Snapshot
    This report generates a total count of visits a customer has in our database in the previous two years.
  • E-mail by Database Snapshot
    This Report compiles monthly totals of Distinct Emails to show how well a dealership is doing collecting valid email addresses from their customers.
  • High Mileage Vehicle Trend
    This report categorizes vehicles by the amount of mileage that they have according to our vehicle records.
  • Vehicle Year by Database Snapshot
    The vehicle year by database snapshot report shows the amount of vehicles within each 2 year age group for a decade.