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REV® Reports

The most distinctive part of the Traffic Builders’ approach is how we continually refine your automotive marketing plan with our Proven Results. After each step of your marketing plan, we calculate and evaluate results on how each product impacted your business. This is the advantage of results-driven marketing; the ability to execute strategic changes to make the most of every promotion. Examining the results and consulting after each promotion gives flexibility to your overall automotive marketing strategy.

Our REV® reports will show you:

Your customers will appreciate your emails:

  • › Promotion-by-promotion analysis
  • › Direct mail and repair order (RO) summary
  • › Results by data category
  • › Returning customers by previous last service date
  • › Returning customers by vehicle model and year
  • › New customers gained
  • › Benchmarking against other dealerships
  • › Historical performance
  • › Customer retention growth reports

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