Database Diagnostic™

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Average Database Diagnostic Report

Database Diagnostic™

The Database Diagnostic™ is Traffic Builders’ proprietary reporting tool that provides insight in order to build a successful automotive marketing plan for your dealership. From your database, we create reports to provide your sales representative a snapshot of your customer trends and behaviors.

Database Diagnostic

This eight-page summary includes:

  • › Customers’ last service visits in monthly increments
  • › Customer retention (loyalty) and service frequency
  • › Number of valid e-mail addresses
  • › Number of monthly repair orders (ROs) and average RO amounts
  • › Your customers’ zip codes
  • › Distances from your dealership to your customers’ residences
  • › Model years serviced at your dealership
  • › Quantity of each model that has serviced within three years


  • › The ability to create a service department marketing plan
  • › Identify and maximize growth opportunities for your fixed operations
  • › Increase your customer retention and frequency