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Proven Products

Our fully integrated suite of proven marketing products are the core of the marketing plan. A comprehensive marketing plan will outline complementary products that will work together to most effectively reach your customers and yield the highest return, both in response and investment. It will combine strategies such as direct mail and e-mail marketing, with suggested times of when those communications should reach your customers, as well as what they should say. Following the recommendations in the plan will keep your name in front of customers and maintain a consistent message and brand.

Our marketing products:
• Provide more relevant points of interaction with your customers based on their position in the service cycle.
• Emphasize your dealership's brand, unique message and value and communicate these consistently at every touch-point.
• Delivers your return-on-investment goals
• Gives YOU control over your service marketing plan

Direct Mail
The anchor of most of our automotive service marketing plans is direct mail. It puts customized, targeted offers into your customers’ hands, distinctly promoting the position and value of your dealership within your market. Whether it is focused on gaining new customers, customer retention or bringing back lost customers, direct mail is one of the most targeted, and effective direct marketing strategies. Learn more about our Direct Mail »

E-mail Marketing
Traffic Builders’ e-mail marketing program is a cost-effective and targeted strategy to reach your computer-savvy audience. Our three e-mail marketing products have the versatility to be used with direct mail or as a quick way to get the word out about a service opportunity. We also have proprietary reporting tools to evaluate the success of each e-mail marketing campaign. Learn more about our E-mail Marketing »

Service Reminder Program
Our Service Reminder Program is designed to increase revenue by increasing the frequency of customer visits. This direct marketing strategy consists of personalized letters designed to drive in business based on specific vehicle needs. These letters keep your dealership’s name in front of your customers and work to increase the number of times a customer comes into your service department. Learn more about our Service Reminder Program »

Group Programs
A Group Program is an automotive marketing strategy to increase buying power and extend the reach of your message. It allows dealership personnel such as fixed ops directors, service managers and dealer principles, as well as manufacturer groups to utilize their numbers to grow more aggressively as one rather than as separate operating points. Learn more about our Group Programs »

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