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Group Programs - Overview

Group Program is an automotive marketing strategy designed to increase buying power and extend the reach of your message. It allows dealership personnel such as fixed ops directors, service managers and dealer principles, as well as manufacturer groups, to utilize their numbers to grow more aggressively as one rather than as separate operating points.

Our consultative approach for a group strategy combines years of knowledgeable consulting, a comprehensive marketing plan, fact-based recommendations and results-tracking. Dealerships with multiple franchises have various challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to smart marketing strategies. The lows can be lower and the highs can be higher than a single-point franchise. Single-point dealerships have challenges as well, such as limited monetary resources and buying power.

Our Group Program addresses these challenges and makes the most of opportunities in both multiple- and single-franchise organizations. Group Programs can also be combined with our Drive™ Program in order to maximize your reach by utilizing our whole suite of integrated communication products. Our complementary systems work together to increase the impact of your message. Combining multiple products increases your potential for return, both in response and investment. Each system has the flexibility to be personalized, creating a win-win situation because the manufacturer maintains knowledge of the program, but the dealer establishes his identity and offers.

1. Cohesive Strategy

By analyzing your customer base and dealership values we can create customized, year-long strategies that are built for group consistency and overall growth.

2. Brand

Consistently branding your service department means higher returns because you can be more aggressive about marketing for your dealership and not be tied into any one particular manufacturer’s program.

3. More Control

With smarter communications and combined investments, group programs free you up so you can focus on running your service department. We manage all of the campaign details, so you don’t have to coordinate the marketing for multiple dealers. Combining the volume of the promotions increases the reach of your message and decreases the overall investment of each dealer.

4. Data Segmentation

Segmented marketing avoids overlapping your message with another local/regional dealer’s message, and it allows you to target messages to different segments of customers to increase your return on investment. This increases the amount of control you have over your market ensuring the right customers receive the right message from the right dealership.

5. Reporting

Comparing results from each manufacturer’s point allows you to adjust individual strategies, and manage individual progress while maintaining a larger purpose.

6. Cost

Combining the volume of promotions means increased print quantities per promotion, and that translates into lower costs for each participating dealership.

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