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eTelligent™ Email

We know you have ten times more decisions to make than service managers did ten years ago. We also know that keeping up with technology and the pace of business today is an important part of your marketing strategy. We have eTelligent™ solutions.

Your customers will appreciate your emails:

  • › It’s personal to them and relevant to their vehicles
  • › Service specials and coupons will never be misplaced
  • › Reader-and-printer friendly
  • › Mobile-device friendly
  • › Easy access to your website, mobile app, online scheduler and phone numbers
  • › Easy access to your social media
  • › Offers simple opt-out options

eCceleration 2.0 Email Marketing eCceleration™ 2.0 is an enhancement to your direct mail marketing program. An electronic version of your direct mail piece serves as reinforcement to the mailer by increasing awareness and response for your service promotion.

eBlast Email Marketing eBlast is an email with a quick turnaround. Whether you are having a slow week, offering a last-minute service discount or making an announcement, the eBlast™ is a great tool to convey that message via email to your customers quickly, easily, professionally and effectively.

eAppend Email Marketing eAppend is an additive to our email marketing program. Quickly grow your email database with this service to improve your reach to potential customers.

eTelligent™ email provides you —

  • › Higher interaction and redemption
  • › Full integration with all of your marketing at Traffic Builders
  • › Consistency with your branding
  • › Personalization that speaks directly to your customers
  • › Reader-friendly design layout
  • › Mobile-device friendly
  • › Easy click-to-print coupons save paper and ink
  • › Full images load immediately
  • › Complete social media integration

Plus, you can showcase your dealership with a facility or team photo and conveniently link your customers to your website, mobile app, online scheduler and more!

Traffic Builders’ eTelligent™ reports provide tools to evaluate the success of each email campaign. By accurately measuring delivery and click-through rates and tracking the number of links to your website, you’ll see how our eTelligent™ email products drive business to your dealership.

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