Marketing Plans

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Marketing Plan

Successful automotive marketing starts with the plan. To create a comprehensive plan, we start by performing a Database Diagnostic on your service department database to evaluate your customer behavior trends. The Diagnostic is an eight-page report that tells us who to target to maximize the impact of your message. Each communication will complement and interact with other communication pieces of your plan to increase response rates and consistently promote your brand.

The history from the Diagnostic, as well as an evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, helps us identify opportunities in both higher- and lower-traffic months to formulate a growth strategy recommendation. Our comprehensive marketing campaign works long-term to sell the value of your dealership and to maintain your brand identity to keep the message consistent along the entire campaign. We track each promotion, look at your trends, and evaluate key benchmarks because we want to know what is working. We want to be your strategic marketing partner to market their dealership for maximum growth in your business.

Marketing Calendars

A year-long marketing calendar allows a dealer to create a budget and eliminate surprises in their marketing initiatives. With this service marketing strategy, we maintain a dealer’s brand identity to keep the message consistent along the entire campaign. The calendar fits in well with our Proven Results, as we can track everything month-to-month, see how much revenue you’ve generated and plot the course for the next year.

Automotive Marketing Plans