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MVP (Mature Vehicle Program)

At Traffic Builders, we put a lot of emphasis on analytics. We scour our data looking for trends and new ways to build revenue and traffic for our clientsí dealerships.

Hereís what we found:
• Repair order amounts for older, higher-mileage vehicles tend to be 59% higher on average than for lower-mileage vehicles.
• The average ROs for vehicles 8-10 years old were twice that of those up to 5 years old.
• The average age of vehicles is increasing and the number of new cars being sold is decreasing. The average age of a car or truck in America in 2011 was nearly 11 years old. New car sales dropped from 16 million/year in 2007 to 10.4 million in 2009. Thatís a 35% decrease.
• 77% of owners interviewed in 2011 said they planned on driving their cars at least 50,000 more miles than their previous automobiles.


What does all this mean?:
Strategically targeting customers with older vehicles can increase the margins in your service department significantly. Our solution Ė the MVP Program.

So, how do I get started?:
Traffic Builders has a turn-key solution available to you.

MVP Strategy:
Traffic Builders will segment your communications to these higher-mileage customers and introduce the MVP Program that allows them benefits that your other customers DO NOT get. It should involve price discounts, rentals, free services, priorities, or whatever you feel speaks value to them. We will target higher-mileage customers separately from your other customers.

This strategy will cost a little more than if you do not segment your audience, but the return on investment has proven to be well worth it. We invite your customers into the program at the 85,000 mile mark in order to win them back in time to perform their 90K maintenance work. 68% of customers leave you because they perceive you are indifferent to them. Show them that you understand them instead.


• Client generated $1.4M in customer-pay revenue from six MVP mailers!
• A 22% increase in customer-pay revenue from vehicles >90,000 miles within first 6 months of rolling out the Mature Vehicle Program and marketing.
• A 10% increase in total customer-pay revenue within first 6 months of beginning MVP.
• A return-on-investment of $81 per $1 spent!
• A large Midwest auto group piloted the MVP program in one store and has since rolled it out to 5 of his largest stores because of its success.

Let us boast similar results for you. Call Traffic Builders today at 1-800-814-9696 to get started.

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