Intersections eNewsletter - September 2009

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Intersections eNewsletter
INTERSECTIONS is a monthly eNewsletter published by Traffic Builders, Inc.

Rewarding your loyal customers

By Chuck Patton


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From an advertising perspective, the highest return on investment is from a loyal client. Our strategy is to remind them as to why using your service department continues to have value. Within this segment the goal is less about earning a customer and more about frequency or gaining a larger share of the customer. Most of this doesn't surprise dealerships when we consult with them but there are still many details to fill in. However, not all dealerships have their customer loyalty finely tuned the way they really should. You many have some room to grow. read more...

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Case Study: Taking the extra step

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The Challenge:
According to a recent study by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), vehicle repairs cost an average of 34% more at a new car dealership than at independent repair shops. They argue that this is leading to 11.7 billion dollars of excessive costs annually to consumers. One of our dealers, a large import dealer located in the southern United States, decided to address the issue of being cost competitive, without sacrificing profitability. The first part of his challenge was to utilize a cost-efficient means of keeping his name in front of customers and enticing them back into the dealership, despite perceived higher cost. The second part of the challenge was to retain new customers.

The Solutions:
The dealer asked us to create a mailer offering a $19.95 oil change. The shop is the number one store (of that particular manufacture) in that region in paid-customer work. On subsequent mailers, the dealer continued to offer the $19.95 oil changes. To sweeten the deal, he chose the rock-bottom price of $9.95 to put on a lost customer postcard, which was mailed at the same time as a regular mailer that featured the $19.95 oil change. Customers are considered to be lost when they have not visited the dealership in 24 to 36 months.

The Results...

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Product: Direct Mail

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Our Direct Mail Program is the cornerstone of our Proven Systems. Using our Database Diagnostics, we can evaluate your customers' behavior to develop a comprehensive strategy and marketing plan. The plan will include multiple customer communications to increase the impact of your message and help you reach your goals. Using the strengths of direct mail, we put customized, targeted offers into your customers' hands. All of direct mail strategies are created to complement each other to increase response rates.

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September 2009

Featured Designs

The strategy behind your marketing message comes to life with the design. Whether it's a four-color seasonal mailer with targeted coupons or a postcard announcing an Open House, the look and feel of a design really gets you noticed. Creative promotions include consistent branding and the ability to highlight dealership amenities. Keeping your name in front of customers while promoting your dealership's value and convenience means increased response rates, customer frequency and revenue.

Protect The Ones You Love

This attractive seasonal mailer is a visual reminder for customers to start thinking ahead. With an emphasis on tire maintenance, you can draw in customers to check their tires and check under their hoods as well. Great upsell opportunity!

Road Ready

Colorful and ready for the Fall, this mailer encourages customers to bring their vehicles in for service before inclement weather arrives. Weather-appropriate service coupons make it easy for customers to save.

Rockin' Savings

A cool combination of a 1970s rock feel and a Wii-generation look, this mailer is great for younger car owners as well as classic rock fans. Pair this fun mailer with some compelling coupons and get ready for your service department to rock!