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Best Practices:
Top 10 Out-of-the Box Service Marketing Tips

By Melissa Hardin | Freelance Writer

Service Marketing

Coming from, and living in, a family of attention-deficient loved ones can give you a distinct advantage. After hearing the oft-used phrase: "Think outside the box," you immediately think, "What box?" It allows you to be open to all possibilities and can help prevent falling into a rut.

Marketing and advertising people are often "what box" type personalities. Even the craziest commercials on television can be given points for creativity and originality. And if you remember the name of the company or the product in one of those commercials, the ad has reached some level of success.

However, you may feel as if you don't have time for creativity and originality. Maybe you work in a setting where "that's the way it's always been" means "that's the way it'll always be." The prevailing attitude is definitively planted firmly inside the proverbial box.
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Product Spotlight:
Service Reminder Program

Service Reminder Letters

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