Intersections eNewsletter - October 2009

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Intersections eNewsletter
INTERSECTIONS is a monthly eNewsletter published by Traffic Builders, Inc.

What makes an effective offer?

By Regina Green

Sales Manager

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What makes an effective offer? What will motivate consumers to change their buying habits and bring their vehicles to your service department? The time-honored rules of effective coupon offers dictate that a discount must:
1. Represent a significant perceived value for the consumer
2. Be easy to use
3. Offer a discount on the dealership's primary services

That's why offering 2% off probably won't bring customers in your service bays and an offer with a laundry list of exceptions in fine print, such as “only valid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,” will go straight from your customers' hands into the wastebasket. However, we recently noticed a trend that on the surface seems to defy rule number 3, or at least suggest that rule number 1 trumps rule number 3.

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Case Study: Cut a little. Lose a lot.

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The Challenge:
Addressing the request from your owner or general manager to reduce your advertising budget by 25%. Analyzing the advertising in a given time frame to determine the consequence of reducing advertising spending.

The Solutions:
Since this dealer was looking to reduce his costs by 25%, we used the method of reducing his participation by 25% (per promotional period) as the means to reduce his costs. We examined this situation both from a general marketing perspective, as well as a results-oriented perspective.
- We know that having the dealer's message in front of his customers on a frequent basis is more likely to ensure success than a one-time mailing because frequency is a basic marketing and advertising principle that would be violated if this dealer decided to reduce his monthly participation.
- Therefore, since we could not recommend reducing frequency, we explored reducing the audience (mail size).

The Results...

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Product: Database Diagnostic

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The Database Diagnostic is Traffic Builders' proprietary system that provides insight into a successful marketing plan for your dealership. With dial-in access to your database, we will create a series of reports to provide your sales representative a snapshot of your customer trends and behaviors.

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October 2009

Featured Designs

The strategy behind your marketing message comes to life with the design. Whether it's a four-color seasonal mailer with targeted coupons or a postcard announcing an Open House, the look and feel of a design really gets you noticed. Creative promotions include consistent branding and the ability to highlight dealership amenities. Keeping your name in front of customers while promoting your dealership's value and convenience means increased response rates, customer frequency and revenue.

Holiday Gift

Give a gift of fantastic savings to your customers this holiday season. This bold, attractive mailer is a great way to show appreciation for your loyal customers during this special time of year.

Roll into Winter

Encourage customers to get their cars ready for inclement weather. This mailer features Winter Driving Tips helpful for any make and model and has big upsell potential.

Sweet Savings

Sweet Savings are the star of the show with this endearing design. Available as a mailer or postcard, this design invokes cherished memories of the holiday season, as well as an encouragement for customers to bring in their vehicles for some sweet savings.