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Service Reminder Letters

- Service Reminder Program -

The Traffic Builders' Service Reminder Program is a direct mail strategy using personalized letters designed to significantly increase revenue by increasing the frequency of customer visits.

  • > Customizable, full-color letters fit your customers' specific vehicle needs
  • > Coupon specials coincide with specific service recommendations
  • > Personalized photos and an amenities section highlight benefits of your dealership
  • > Customer data is downloaded and letters are processed biweekly
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Best Practices:
Thanking Your Customers with a Personal Approach

By Eric Johansen | Data Analyst

Service Marketing

It's no secret everyone likes to feel appreciated. Your customers are essential to the profitability of your operations and should be recognized as such. It is vital to let them know how much you value them... or you may not keep them. With all the communication options available, how do you reach your customers with a display of genuine and targeted gratitude? Here are a few hints on how to express your thanks.

The first thing to remember when giving thanks is to just give thanks. Most people don't appreciate conditional apologies or thanks, so be careful that your "thank you" doesn't come across as another way for you to get their money. If you include a coupon, ensure that your thank-you message isn't off-putting because it solicits additional spending by the customer...even if it's at a savings. Since you should already be taking care of couponing with an orchestrated direct marketing campaign, the best approach might be to focus exclusively on the thank-you message to build rapport with your customers.
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Service Marketing:
Heard any snake oil pitches lately?

Service Marketing Elixir

Have you met this guy? He's a salesman who's long on talk and short on results. Have you ever been pitched a one-size-fits-all approach? How about a magic marketing pill that promises 200% growth with a 90% cost savings? We'd like to hear your stories.

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Featured Offers:

Heating Special

Help your customers keep the cold of winter at bay and their vehicles running smoothly.

Meet or Beat Special

Demonstrate your commitment to providing superior service at a competitive rate by honoring another dealer's coupon if they happen to have a lower price.

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