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Increase revenue by giving customers what they want

By Melissa Hans | Marketing Specialist

Service Marketing

What is the best way to reach your customers?

Maybe you use direct mail only because you think that something the customer physically holds has more impact. Perhaps your customers are more tech-savvy, so you try to reach them via electronic communication. According to the 2009 ExactTarget Channel Preference Study, 87% of consumers, on average, prefer to receive either e-mail or direct mail for marketing communication.

The best way to reach them is to find out what they prefer-and most likely, there isn't only one answer. The Study looked at consumer preferences of over 1,500 consumers. They compared the influence of traditional versus emerging media in driving consumer purchases. They found that direct mail has directly influenced more consumers to purchase than any other channel, and regardless of age, e-mail drives more conversions than any other online channel.
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Best Practices: Increase Your Customer Retention

By Regina Green | Sales Manager

Service Marketing

What is your rate of customer retention? Typically, somewhere between 50% and 75% of a dealership's customer base bring their vehicles in for service only once during a 12-month period. So, these customers are either not servicing their vehicles regularly anywhere or they are going elsewhere for minor maintenance and regular oil changes. Regardless of which is true, if your customer retention statistics reflect this average, you have a prime area of growth potential from within your existing list of customers.

The goal is to take these service customers from being "casual daters" to entering into a committed relationship with your service department. I'm talking about the business equivalent of wedding bells here, where they only think of you when it comes to automotive service.
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Case Study: Increasing sales and customer frequency

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To increase customer frequency through a cost-effective direct marketing program for a medium-size import dealer in the Midwest. On average, just over 18% of a dealership's customer base comes in three or more times a year. The dealer needed to increase customer frequency in order to drive profits higher and retain clients more effectively.
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May 2010

Featured Offers

Road Trip Package

Customers getting ready to take a road trip want to make sure their vehicles are running smoothly. Multi-point inspection coupons such as these make customers feel comfortable that they won't have any unexpected problems when they are away from home.

It is a good upsell opportunity because any coupon that is grouped in a package with multiple offers, such as an oil change or tire rotation, makes customers feel that they are getting a better deal. Plus, bundling these offers into one convenient coupon is a simple way to entice customers.

A/C Special

The heat of July helps A/C special coupons sell themselves. Customers are usually turning on their A/C every day during the summer. If their system needs a boost or they would like to improve their A/C performance, they are more likely to come in when they see this coupon.

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