Intersections eNewsletter - May 2009

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Can I replace my direct mail with e-mail?

By Chuck Patton

E-mail yields a strong rate of return for three reasons: It serves a part of the market that shops and communicates heavily through the digital world; it can be a very inexpensive up-front investment and therefore can yield a strong return on investment; and if you do it right, much like direct mail, it can be tracked.

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Lost customer postcards.

Lost customers are not lost causes. Strategically executed win-back programs can be a great source of increased revenue for a dealership. Marketing studies have shown that there is a 20-40% chance of reselling to lost customers versus the 5-20% success rate of selling to brand-new customers.
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Sending the right message to the right people.

The Challenge:
We wanted to build new business for a mid-sized to large import dealer. The ultimate goals included increasing their core base of customers; general sales; and sales month-over-month from new customers.

The Solution:
The first layer of the strategy lies in how we are communicating to the dealer's core business. If we separate the customers by behavior, it would make sense to approach a recent customer differently than a defecting customer. The goal is not simply to obtain customers' work for this month, but rather to bring them back into the cycle of becoming regular customers.

The Results...
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Summer Roadtrip Savings

Encourage your customers to soak up the savings. This fun retro look reminds customers of the good old days and that includes when they received the best service around from your dealership.

Make your move

Target your lost customers with a message to move them into your dealership. The strategy is key in reaching those people you haven't seen in a while.

All roads lead back to...

All signs point to increased ROs with this colorful postcard. This postcard is their cue to stop into your dealership before they hit Route 66 or wherever they're going this summer!

Be refreshed

Offer a refreshingly different way for your customers to jump in for savings. It may be just a trip for routine maintenance today, but your top-notch service will convince them to dive into more services in the future.


“Coupon Use Hits Early 1990s Levels”
Coupon redemption in the fourth quarter of 2008 grew nearly 10% compared with Q407, the first significant jump in redemption since the early 1990s. Consumer response to coupons also remained strong for the year, with 2.6 billion coupons redeemed, the third year in a row at that level.
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