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Intersections eNewsletter

Best Practices:Mid-year evaluation of your automotive marketing strategy

By Chuck Patton | Owner/CEO

Service Marketing

It's time for a mid-year review. Remember the automotive service marketing objectives you put into place at the beginning of the year? How are they working for you? Are you on-track to meeting your goals? Are you ahead or behind where you wanted to be?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you may want to consider making adjustments to your marketing plan for the second half of the year. As you take stock and plan your next six months, consider the following areas of opportunity upon which you can capitalize.
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Case Study: Using group programs to reach lost customers

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To increase customer frequency and revenue through a cost-effective, targeted marketing program for a group of dealerships in a northern Midwestern metropolitan area. An average dealership has 63-70% of their customers coming in only one time per year. So out of every 10,000 customers who have serviced with a particular dealership, roughly 7,000 serviced only one time within the past 12 months. Bringing back only 20% of these 7,000 one-time customers a second time could potentially mean $252,000 in additional revenue in a year. Since most surveys indicate that keeping an existing customer is five to seven times more profitable than acquiring a new one, it's obvious that luring back customers who are already familiar with the dealership is a cost-effective way to get more for your marketing dollar.
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June 2010

Featured Designs

The strategy behind your marketing message comes to life with the design. Creative promotions include consistent branding and the ability to highlight dealership amenities. Keeping your name in front of customers while promoting your dealership's value and convenience means increased response rates, customer frequency and revenue.

Savings Aplenty

The arrival of fall means your customers can reap a bountiful harvest of service savings and get a jump-start on winterizing their vehicles. The bright autumn colors will draw attention to your offers.

School Bus

Get on board! Back-to-school can mean extra expenses, so show your customers you're making their dollars go further while maintaining their vehicles' dependability for trips to band practice and ball games.

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