Intersections eNewsletter - August 2009

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Intersections eNewsletter
INTERSECTIONS is a monthly eNewsletter published by Traffic Builders, Inc.

Remind and Retain

By Chuck Patton


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Retention might be the single-most overanalyzed but underachieved goal in the automotive market. We spend thousands of dollars per month to drive in the same customer today who bought from us yesterday. The definition of retention is open for interpretation, as is the approach to address it. But have you ever really drilled down to the core of the word retention and asked why it is important to your business? read more...

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Case Study: The dashboard of marketing

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The Challenge:
To increase customer frequency through a cost-effective direct marketing program for a medium-size import dealer in the Midwest. On average, just over 18% of a dealerships customer base comes in three or more times a year. The dealers needed to increase customer frequency in order to drive profits higher and retain clients more effectively.

The Solutions:
The dealer enrolled in our reminder program, which signals a customer to come in by: reminding them of upcoming mileage and time-interval scheduled maintenance and/or reminding them of declined recommended maintenance from a previous service visit. The approach was unique to what they had been doing because the letters were personalized to a customer's specific vehicle needs, they had personalized pictures of the dealership and they represented their brand and logos in color as well. Customer data and letters are processed bi-weekly.

The Results...

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Product: Service Reminder Program

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The Service Reminder Program consists of personalized letters to entice your customers back into your dealership.

These letters, divided into three categories of thank you/welcome letters, reminder letters and recommended letters, signal your customers to come in using general and specific triggers:
• Welcome customers to your dealership's service department
• Remind them of upcoming mileage and time-interval scheduled maintenance
• Remind them of declined recommended maintenance from a previous service visit.

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August 2009

Featured Designs

The strategy behind your marketing message comes to life with the design. Whether it's a four-color seasonal mailer with targeted coupons or a postcard announcing an Open House, the look and feel of a design really gets you noticed. Creative promotions include consistent branding and the ability to highlight dealership amenities. Keeping your name in front of customers while promoting your dealership's value and convenience means increased response rates, customer frequency and revenue.

Shift into High Gear

Help customers gear up for the fall season with this sleek postcard. Retro and masculine, this message is enticing to the auto aficionado.

Savings a Plenty

Show gratitude to your customers with a cornucopia of savings. With warm colors and inviting images, this mailer is sure to bring in customers aplenty!

Get Ready for Winter Driving

This seasonal/transitional piece shows the beauty of the fall and winter seasons. Customized coupons encourage customers to get their vehicles ready for inclement weather.

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Importance of Couponing

Planning your coupons is one of the most important elements of creating an effective mailer. Traffic Builders offers pre-selected coupons as part of our Automated Impact.

For your loyal customers, we recommend seasonal and/or standard-service coupons. Service letters offer coupons for either recommended (declined) services or for services that will soon be necessary for a customer's vehicle.

For defecting or lost customers, we advocate more aggressive coupons. Once a customer is back in, you again have the chance to make them a loyal customer.

With our e-mail marketing program, Ecceleration, you'll see the winning result of a one-two punch. Your mailer reaches a customer first and then the Ecceleration e-mail arrives mid-month to remind them of your dealership's great savings.