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Drive™ Program

Traffic Builders’ Drive™ Program consists of highly targeted and personalized communications that enhance your marketing. Drive builds your service brand, enhances your customer relationships and reengages and recaptures defecting and lost customers.

Drive Program

Personal Touch Direct Mail

Personal Touch Direct Mail

Our digital variable direct mail allows us to showcases your dealership and incorporate your customers’ information and your dealership information into the design for a visual impact that makes a connection and gets results. The marketing clearly shows them that you know them!

Custom Direct Mail

Custom Direct Mail

Traffic Builders has led the industry in customized marketing that showcases your dealership and allows for dealer individuality.

To stand out in a very competitive marketplace, you have to be unique and market why to choose you.

At Traffic Builders, we always promote:

Digital Drive Suite

Digital Drive Suite Keeping up with technology and the pace of business today is an important part of your marketing strategy. We have digital solutions.

Our Digital Drive Suite takes the knowledge of automotive service marketing onto a digital platform. It personalizes your relationship with customers and speaks directly to them through multiple communication platforms to send your message in stereo. Using our eTelligent™ email-to-mail match and our iDrive™ mobile app, we engage your customers to respond.

Our Digital Drive Suite integrates your DMS and marketing through our FUEL™ software, giving you the ability to segment and target your messages, access your results reports real-time, and view and change your overall marketing strategy through My Plan.

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Traffic Builders is unique because we create communications that sell the “you” in unique, and we offer you total dealer control.

With Traffic Builders’ Drive Program, you are in charge of:
• Your budget
• How often you market
• The offers you make
• The communication type
• The months you run
• To whom and where you target
• The look of your marketing


Our methods, messages, and channels are intelligently designed to increase impact.

Digital Drive Suite Digital and Direct Integration
Traffic Builders communicates your message in stereo across multiple channels so that it is perfectly amplified and able to be heard. We use Drive™ as the vehicle to automate and integrate your direct mail campaigns with a digital platform. Your messages are timed to reinforce one another and increase response, ROI, and service revenue. Messages are unique, yet unified, no matter what channel. To learn more, check out what our Digital Drive Suite includes.

Advanced Lifecycle Targeting Lifecycle Targeting
Through our Fuel™ proprietary software, we provide pure data targeting, talking to each of your customers personally, relevant to where they are in their vehicle ownership lifecycle, dealership interaction, and their specific vehicle needs. Targeted messages with relevant offers drive maximum impact.


Our marketing has one main objective: to build the relationship between you and your customers.

Communication Samples Contact us to learn more about our Drive™ Program, personal touch digital mail, integrated channels, lifecycle marketing and customized programs that showcase your dealership.

Isn’t it time for you to shift your service marketing into Drive™?

Drive Program
  • 1. Want to remain growth-minded about their strategies, offers, and programs
  • 2. Prefer to work with an expert that builds a communications program around their dealership needs
  • 3. Desire a unique look in the market
  • 4. Want more hands-on service
  • 5. Believe the personal touch approach gives them a unique and competitive edge
  • 6. Align with the Drive logic and strategy
  • 7. Prefer to add more mail to their own communications plan
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