Traffic Builders, Inc. Renovates its Green Direct Mail Initiative for U.S. Automotive Dealers

National Press Release | 08/05/2010

Traffic Builders, Inc. is expanding its environmentally friendly direct mail services available to their automotive service customers. The automotive marketing agency has re-launched the We Auto Go Green™ program, which promotes an environmentally friendly approach to advertising and automotive direct mail marketing campaigns. The program helps service departments communicate service specials to their customers through "green" direct mail advertising campaigns. Traffic Builders, Inc. achieves this by using post consumer paper for clients' direct mail pieces and utilizing more forest-friendly mailing processes.

“Last year, we offered the program to select dealers as a way to further the manufacturers’ public efforts to be more ‘green’ and to show customers that these dealers were making efforts to be environmentally responsible in the way they did business,” says Chuck Patton, Owner/CEO of Traffic Builders. "It provides a distinction that can bring financial value to our clients. Proactive solutions set most dealerships apart from their competition, and we provide this cost-effective way to compete."

Due to the success of its inaugural year, Traffic Builders has expanded the program to include every client who runs a promotion. The benefits include having every standard mailer printed on at least 10% recycled paper (which displays the We Auto Go Green™ logo), a listing on the We Auto Go Green™ website and a press release for dealers to send to their local media. A We Auto Go Green™ bonus is that paper and print quality isn't negatively affected and there is no additional cost to participate.

We Auto Go Green™ was the first of its kind in the industry when it debuted last year. The program reduced by 35% the number of the trees that would otherwise have been used had Traffic Builders not incorporated recycled fibers.

About Traffic Builders
Traffic Builders, Inc. is a strategic automotive marketing agency with proven expertise in providing analysis and solutions that drive traffic and maximize profits for the automotive service industry. Based in Louisville, KY, Traffic Builders, Inc. serves clients all over the country, creating customized direct mail and direct marketing campaigns. If you would like more information about Traffic Builders, Inc. or their direct mail and marketing services, please visit or call 1-800-814-9696. If you would like more information about making your direct mail advertising program “green,” please visit

If you would like more information about making your direct mail advertising program green, please visit We Auto Go Green.