Dealer Advisory Board

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Dealer Advisory Board

The Mission:

To better connect with our clients and the automotive market for the purpose of more accurate market assessment and the development of products. This alliance of Traffic Builders and the Dealer Advisory Board will allow Traffic Builders to use it’s greatest resource, our clients, to develop the very products and programs that will make the dealers we service more successful.

Who do we want involved?

Traffic Builders is searching for Strategic Partners who have control over their service marketing destiny. The ideal candidate will have input and influence on service advertising choices and decisions at their dealership. We want people involved who are aggressive about building business through marketing and have a willingness to try new marketing concepts that may involve incorporating slightly more risk to get them there. We are searching for dealers that have creative ideas and would like Traffic Builders to help develop those ideas.

What we are trying to accomplish?

  • › Establish a select group of elite dealers who know how to market and can share their knowledge.
  • › Collectively develop and evaluate new ideas and programs that will give each dealer an edge in their market.
  • › Catalog research and results from this development that can be used by participating dealers at their dealerships.
  • › Create a culture of creatively and learning to give each dealer a competitive edge within their market.
  • › Provide a program where the participants become leaders in their industry and at their dealerships.

Interested in joining the Dealer Advisory Board? Contact Chuck Patton at 1-800-814-9696 or