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The Traffic Builders’ Buyback Rewards program is designed to put your customers in the driver’s seat and help them feel like they are the seller, and not just the buyer. Once you’ve fostered this kind of interaction, and rewarded their service loyalty, you are in a much better position to ask if they are ready to buy another car from you.

Build strong, long-term connections and loyalty and you’ll build your sales and service business, and your referrals as well.

We know that in the current economy consumer demand is strong for used cars, but supplies are limited. Implementing a buyback program is a great way to build loyalty and improve your used car inventory at the same time.

Why do I need a buyback program at my dealership?

  • › Generates traffic flow to your showroom
  • › Helps to keep up with the growing demand for used vehicles
  • › Involves less risk buying vehicles that you’ve been servicing
  • › Builds relationships with your customers

Why do I need Traffic Builders’ Buyback Rewards Program?

  • › Uses a unique, multi-channel approach
  • › Builds relationships with your customers
  • › Rewards loyalty
  • › Includes Personal Touch direct mail that stands out
  • › Allows mail-to-email matching
  • › Delivers a complete marketing campaign, including point-of-purchase signage
  • › Offers the most current owner and vehicle targeting through proprietary data cleansing
Service Marketing

used vehicle sales from franchised dealers will reach their highest level since 2005. Last year, franchised dealers sold 15.6 million used vehicles…it’s reasonable to expect 16 million in sales this year.