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ServiceLift Mobile App™

ServiceLift™ takes the knowledge of automotive service marketing onto a digital platform. It personalizes your relationship with customers and speaks directly to them with offers that matter. ServiceLift™ focuses on what customers want and will use weekly.

Why did Traffic Builders create an app for our dealers?

  • › Provides dealerships every available technology to build relationships with their customers
  • › Focuses on integrating your DMS and marketing by bringing it all together in one place
  • › Allows dealers instant, specific, relevant communication with customers
  • › Presents your dealership as instantly available to your customers - info about their vehicles, coupons, ability to call any department conveniently, schedule an appointment, check their service history
  • › Provides your customers a modern-day “glove box” to manage their important vehicle information and service history
  • › Shows you are adapting to changes in communication technology
  • › Presents your dealership as the more valuable choice over the aftermarket
  • › Increases the reasons customers will choose you

Why is the Traffic Builders app unique?

  • › Expertly handles the DMS integration and data segmentation
  • › Maximizes the utilization of that data integration with timely reminder and vehicle specific alerts and push notifications
  • › Provides your dealership with marketing experts who implement your complete mobile app strategy beginning with a robust launch
  • › Provides an instant L'oil'ty reward program and marketing of that program
  • › Integrates with your complete marketing strategy

All apps are not created equal. ServiceLift™ offers the total solution.

ServiceLift L'oil'ty Rewards

L’oil’ty™ Reward Program
Customers earn free oil changes with L’oil’ty™ rewards via digital reward points stored directly on their phones. You’ll love the ease of not having to store data or install new software, and your customers will love the convenience of not having to keep up with another rewards card.

ServiceLift Service Notifications

Maintenance Reminders
Send vehicle maintenance reminders directly to your customers’ phones—timed to coincide with recommended maintenance intervals.

ServiceLift My Garage

Link Directly to your DMS
Customers have real-time information about their vehicles’ service histories.

ServiceLift Service Coupons

Service Coupons
Your customers will love the ease and convenience of receiving service coupons directly to their phones. Additionally, your customers will love the convenience of automatically storing all their coupons in the mobile app. As coupons expire, they are replaced with new offers.

ServiceLift Inventory

Display Sales Inventory
Let your customers search or browse your inventory in real time. Your customers will appreciate the access to all the information they need to make a buying decision—right at their fingertips.

Unmatched Customer Connection
ServiceLift™ includes a robust marketing launch that will aggressively expand your mobile app user-base and your ability to interact with customers. With just a tap of the finger, they can schedule service, search inventory, request a sales quote, order a part, connect with your social media and more.

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